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Thyroid Support

Learn about how the thyroid requires iodine to function, thyroid stimulating hormones, hypothyroidism and more. Read More

Detoxification with Iodine

The amount of halogens that we are exposed to on a continuous basis explains a lot about the exploding prevalence of hypothyroidism and low basal temperatures among the U.S. population. Read More

Most Bioavailable Supplement

Chelated forms of minerals are the most bioavailable and biomobile forms that exist for mammals. Read More

Elemental I2 & Potasium Iodide?

An iodine supplement does NOT have to contain I2 and iodide forms in order to be effective. In fact, inorganic forms of iodine like I2 and potassium iodide (both found in Lugol’s Iodine) are inferior to a chelated iodine supplement no matter how you shake it. Read More

I2 and Potasium Iodide
Problems with Iodine Supplements

Problems with Iodine Supplements

A lot of people are talking about how the price of Iodoral® inorganic iodine has gone up A LOT in recent months, and how its not as available through usual suppliers. There have manufacturing difficulties for Iodoral® inorganic iodine along with a short supply of raw elemental inorganic iodine on the world market for all iodine supplement manufacturing companies. Read More

Evolution of Man

The Growing Need for Iodine Supplementation

You cannot get enough of iodine from eating food alone, not even really good organic food. Even if you could consume the correct levels in a healthy American diet, there are just too many factors working against absorption. Increasing toxins and hormone compromises involving estrogens and xenoestrogens make the need today for iodine many times what we were able to survive on long ago. Read More

Thyroid Hormone Resistance

This is a newly recognized condition in the body that occurs when there is an adequate level of active thyroid hormones circulating in the blood, but the patient still exhibits symptoms of hypothyroidism, or low thyroid activity. Read More

Thyroid Hormone Resistance
Research on Iodine Supplementation


Check out some of the supporting research on why New Iodine® is the premier cutting edge iodine supplement on the market, and why almost everyone needs more iodine in their bodies. Read More

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