The Most Bioavailable Iodine Supplement

New Iodine® is the most bioavailable and biomobile form of iodine there is. New Iodine® is the ONLY completely organic form of iodine, bound to natural amino acids, just like the natural most bioavailable forms found in your thyroid, breast, skin and other tissues of your body.

Other forms of iodine commonly for sale, are not so bioavailable. Potassium and sodium iodide are salts that are completely inorganic, and the iodine needs to be broken off from the sodium and potassium in the salt to be then bound to carrier proteins in the digestive tract, to make them bioavailable, so they can pass through the intestinal wall. This process only happens randomly and is not very efficient. New Iodine® is already bound to amino acids and small carrier proteins, making it the most bioavailable iodine supplement available, and in a “predigested” way.

New Iodine® contains NO synthesized salt forms like potassium iodide or sodium iodide, that are completely inorganic.

New Iodine® does NOT contain molecular inorganic iodine either, that is well known as an antiseptic, that kills your valuable probiotics gut flora and sterilizes whatever it comes in contact with.

The only reason that molecular iodine was mixed with inorganic iodide salts in the first place, in Lugol’s solution, over 200 years ago, was because the molecular iodine they really wanted as an antiseptic solution, to sterilize wounds, is not water soluble without the addition of the iodide salts. Molecular iodine by itself, is not bioavailable, as it is also not bound to carrier proteins for absorption.

New Iodine® contains no alcohol, no preservatives.

Amino acid chelated forms of minerals are the forms commonly found in Nature. Amino acid chelated minerals allow the body to absorb what it needs and excrete what it doesn't need. This makes amino acid chelated forms the most bioavailable and biomobile forms of minerals that exist for mammals and the least toxic in higher dosages.