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100% Organic Iodine Supplement

New Iodine® is iodine bound to organic amino acids & small carrier proteins. Iodine Amino Acid Chelate is the safest, most bioavailable and bio-mobile form of supplemental iodine available in the world. It is also the only true organic chemical form of iodine for oral supplementation that people know how to make.

Oral ingestion of inorganic salt forms of minerals (including iodine) often causes some toxic effects in the body, which can make it difficult for some people to consume recommended amounts. All amino acid chelated mineral supplements are the least toxic, safest & most absorbable forms, making them the easiest to consume daily.

Today, USDA Certified Organic Iodine Supplements Do NOT CONTAIN Organic Chemical Forms of Iodine

Vegetable Glycerin

Many liquid iodine supplements use USDA Certified Organic vegetable glycerine as a neutral inert liquid medium to hold inorganic forms of iodine. 'Pesticide-free' "Organic" means something entirely different than 'organic molecules'.

Only because they use Certified Organic vegetable glycerin, they are allowed to use the USDA Certified Organic logo on the label - and many iodine consumers incorrectly believe they are taking an organic iodine supplement.

Nascent Iodine

Nascent Iodine is supposed to be a single elemental Iodine molecule with an incomplete electron shell, and it is VERY Different than any natural dietary form of iodine that mammals have evolved to rely on since the beginning.

The idea of an element being in a 'Nascent' state regards an obsolete theory in chemistry, and using the term to sell iodine supplements is misleading to consumers.

Kelp Seaweed & Inorganic Salts

Kelp contains varying amounts of iodine depending on the location it is farmed or harvested from. Because of this, it is standard practice for seaweed supplement manufacturers to fortify the kelp they sell with inorganic potassium iodide salt - in order to bring iodine levels up to guaranteed amounts legal for sale.

Kelp also often contains trace amounts of arsenic which are not represented on the label.

Thyroid Support

Learn about how the thyroid requires iodine to function, thyroid stimulating hormones, hypothyroidism and more.
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Detoxification with Iodine

The amount of halogens that we are exposed to on a continuous basis explains a lot about the exploding prevalence of hypothyroidism and low basal temperatures among the U.S. population.
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Most Bioavailable Supplement

Chelated forms of minerals are the safest, most bioavailable, biomobile and potent forms that exist for all mammals, not just people.
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Elemental I2 & Potassium Iodide?

An iodine supplement does NOT have to contain I2 and iodide forms in order to be effective. In fact, inorganic forms of iodine like I2 and potassium iodide (both found in Lugol’s Iodine) are inferior to a chelated iodine supplement no matter how you shake it.
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I2 and Potasium Iodide
Evolution of Man

The Growing Need for Iodine Supplementation

You cannot get enough iodine from eating food alone, not even really good organic food. Even if you could consume the correct levels in a healthy American diet, there are just too many factors working against absorption. Increasing toxins and hormone compromises involving estrogens and xenoestrogens make the need today for iodine many times what we were able to survive on long ago.
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Thyroid Hormone Resistance

This is a newly recognized condition in the body that occurs when there is an adequate level of active thyroid hormones circulating in the blood, but the patient still exhibits symptoms of hypothyroidism, or low thyroid activity.
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Thyroid Hormone Resistance
Research on Iodine Supplementation


As new studies surface, we will be adding supporting research on why New Iodine® is the future of iodine supplementation in the world, and why almost everyone needs more iodine in their diet.
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